• Rev. Dr. James B. Johnson, II, Pastor, VA, Vice-Chair
  • Rev. Dr. David A. Myers, Denominational Executive, Retired, TN
  • William J. Irvin, Attorney, VA, CFO
  • Dr. Beverley G. Buston, Psychologist, VA, Secretary
  • Rev. Dr. Alvin Edwards, Pastor, VA, Vice-Secretary
  • Rev. Dr. Charles H. Chandler, Executive Director, VA, Treasurer
  • Cynthia O. Barnes, Psychologist, VA
  • Dr. Roberta S. Damon, Counselor, VA
  • Rev. Dr. Ted Fuson, Intentional Interim Pastor, VA
  • Sally Ann Galliher, State Government, IN
  • F. James Gerren, Insurance Broker, AR
  • Rev. Edward Harrow, Insurance Broker, VA
  • Brandon G. Hudson, Attorney, VA
  • Patricia Jones, GE Data Security Administrator, Retired, VA
  • Dr. Tom R. Kinman, Pastor, NC
  • Rev. Robin Lambert, Pastor, AL
  • Dr. Norvie L. Lay, Professor/Attorney, KY
  • Dr. Lauranett Lee, Curator at Virginia Historical Society, VA
  • Geoffrey R. McDonald, Attorney, VA
  • John “Buddy” Moore, Marketing Consultant, VA
  • Rev. Mark Nieuwsma, Pastor, MI
  • Rev. Peggy Sanderford Ponder, AL
  • Rev. J. Michael Poole, Interim Pastor, VA
  • John P. Porter, Denomination Executive/Attorney, Retired, NC
  • Rev. Dr. G. Bruce Queen, Intentional Interim Pastor, VA
  • R. Bland Weaver, Jr., Investment Advisor, VA

Associate Trustees

  • Dr. Donald Anderson, Psychologist/Professor (Retired), TX
  • Samuel D. Barham, III, Educator (Retired), VA
  • Rev. Dr. Edward B. Bratcher, Pastor/Consultant, (Retired), NC
  • Frank Davis, Business, Retired
  • Rev. Roy Ford, Pastor, VA
  • Rev. Dr. G. Harold Chandler, Denominational Executive (Retired), AL
  • Rev. Dr. W. Michael Chittum, Pastor, UT
  • Frank Davis, Business, Retired, OK
  • Tom Denham, Equity Options Trader, GA
  • Dr. M. Douglas Clark, Safety Consultant/Counselor (Retired), GA
  • Paul “Bill” Dixon, Insurance Executive (Retired)/Professor, AL
  • Rev. Dr. Harley C. Dixon, Hospital Chaplain (Retired), KY
  • Bobby G. Dollar, Real Estate, GA
  • Rev. Dr. James E. Donahue, Chaplain, IL
  • Dr. James M. Dunn, Church-State Lobbyist (Retired)/Professor, NC
  • Charles F. Finley, Jr., Publishing, VA
  • Ken Giacoletto, Denomination Agency (Retired), WI
  • Rev. Dr. Everett C. Goodwin, Pastor (Retired), VA
  • Rev. Keith H. Harris, Pastor (Retired), VA
  • Rev. Dr. James W. Highland, Financial Development, TN
  • Rev. Dr. Hunter R. Hill, Pastoral Counselor, VA
  • Rev. Dr. E. Glenn Hinson, Professor (Retired)/ Writer, KY
  • Rev. Dr. Nancy Lee Jose, Pastor, Washington D.C.
  • Rev. Dr. John W. Kinney, Professor/Dean, VA
  • Rev. Frank Lomax, Jr., IRS, Retired, VA
  • Rev. Dr. L. Roger Lovette, Pastor (Retired), SC
  • Jo Ann McDonald, Teacher (Retired), Pastor’s Spouse, KY
  • Rev. Dr. Nancy Meck, Pastor/Psychologist, VA
  • Brad Meester, National Football League Player (Retired), FL
  • Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Pugh Mills, Pastor, VA
  • Greta Morris, U.S. Foreign Service Officer, Retired, VA
  • Elaine Herrin Onley, Public Relations (Retired)/ Pastor’s Spouse, AL
  • Bobbie S. Patterson, Denominational Executive, MD
  • Paige L. Peak, Denominational Administration/Communications, VA
  • Rev. Dr. Robert L. Perry, Organizational Health Consultant, MO
  • Dr. Gene A. Pierce, Founding Director, United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)(Retired), VA
  • W. Stephen Richardson, Jr., Restaurant Business (Retired), VA
  • Rev. Dr. Timothy D. Sledge, Pastor/Consultant/Writer, TX
  • Rev. John A. Thomason, Pastor, NY
  • Dr. William L. Trimyer, Professor/Counselor, VA
  • Patricia R. Turner, Educator/Psychologist (Retired), MD
  • Rev. Arch Wallace, Attorney, Retired, VA
  • Rev. Dr. William L. Turner, Pastor/Professor, KY
  • Patricia Wood, Pastor’s Spouse, TX
  • Dr. Roy Woodruff, Pastoral Counselor/Executive, Retired, NC
  • Kevin L. Wright, Attorney, VA

Rainbow Line

MTM Regional Boards

The MTM Foundation Board of Trustees has established four regional trustee boards – one each in Alabama, Western Michigan, East Tennessee, and Virginia. The regional boards work under the direction of the national board and their purpose is to help expand the awareness and ministry of MTM by supporting activities in their respective regions and by recruiting and training qualified professionals to serve as local resources for ministers needing the services of MTM.

Each regional board will sponsor “awareness” breakfasts, luncheons, or dinners to help publicize MTM and its mission and programs in that region, assist in planning and conducting Healthy Transitions Wellness Retreats for Ministers and Spouses in their regions, assist in planning educational conferences designed to help reduce the number of forced terminations, and increase funding for the expanded ministries.  MTM is dependent on volunteers who are willing to invest their time, energy, and expertise in reaching out to wounded ministers and their families. At least one member of each regional board will be a member of the MTM Foundation Board of Trustees.

Alabama Regional Board:

  • Rev. Peggy Sanderford Ponder, Pastoral Counselor, Birmingham, Chair
  • Rev. James Clifford, Pastor, Birmingham
  • Mrs. Janice Clifford, Retired, Birmingham
  • Branson B. Isley, Church Stewardship Development, Pell City
  • David R. Kinman, Attorney/Minister’s Son, Birmingham
  • Wesley M. (Pat) Pattillo, Public Relations/Fundraising Professional, Mountain Brook
  • Donald Rice, Financial Advisor, Birmingham
  • Ted Stuckenschneider, Attorney, Birmingham

Western Michigan Regional Board:

  • Rev. Mark Nieuwsma, Pastor, Grand Haven, Chair
  • Rev. Kathy Clark, Pastor, Grand Rapids
  • Rev. Kurt Freund, Financial & Retirement Planning, Grand Rapids
  • Rev. Karen Huddelson, Pastor, Gaylord
  • Rev. Steve R. Wing, Pastor, Holland

East Tennessee Regional Board:

  • Rev. Dr. David Myers, Denominational Executive, Signal Mountain, Chair
  • Rev. Dr. Wade Bibb, Pastor, Knoxville
  • Rev. David Buchanan, Pastor, Knoxville
  • Rear Admiral Vance Fry, U.S. Navy (Retired)/Attorney, Harrisonl

Central Virginia Regional Board:

  • Rev. Dr. Bruce Queen, Intentional Interim Pastor, Mechanicsville Chair
  • Dr. Cynthia O. Barnes, Psychologist, Richmond
  • Dr. Beverley Buston, Consultant/Psychologist, Richmond
  • Rev. Mary Eldredge, Licensing Program Consultant, Richmond
  • Rev. Dr. Ted Fuson, Intentional Interim/Executive Coach, Culpeper
  • The Rev. Dr. Bruce Gray, Rector Emeritus at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Richmond
  • Rev. Frederick D. Horn, Ministers of Music, Rockville
  • Mr. William J. Irvin, Attorney, North Chesterfield
  • Dr. Lauranett Lee, Curator at Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

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