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Letters From Retreat Participants

"The week spent at the Healthy Transitions Wellness Retreat for Ministers and Spouses changed my life.  I would give everything I own to have known 15 years ago what I learned in that week.  Thanks for combing knowledge with care, humor, and love to produce practical wisdom that will guide me in ministry!"

A Tennessee Minister

"Thank you so much for your excellent leadership in the Healthy Transitions Wellness Retreat last week.  I'm thankful for the scholarships that made it possible for my husband and I to benefit from being there with you, the other leaders, and the participants.  We benefited greatly."

A Maryland Minister's Spouse

"Please accept this inadequate expression of appreciation for including me in MTM's Healthy Transitions Wellness Retreat for Ministers and Spouses last month.  Though my husband's forced resignation was 15 years ago, this retreat was important for a number of reasons.  I cannot express too strongly the important role MTM has in the well being of clergy families who are going or have gone through a forced termination."

"It was clear that each of the 14 participants from our retreat at the end of the week were emotionally healthier and better prepared to handle the myriad of issues facing them than when they arrived only a few days earlier.  The professional individuals who make themselves and their expertise available is a clear testament to the importance of your work and ministry.  The gifts each one brings to these families is incredible."

A Minister's Spouse from the Midwest

"I appreciated the inclusion of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, professional and physical topics.  Much of this material would be valuable to any pastoral worker at any point in their career (especially early on!), but I really needed the material that focused especially on the trauma of termination."

"Equally important for the success of this retreat for me was the variety of presentations - with interaction and personal sharing by participants mixed in with more formal presentations.  The humor was also important, as was the willingness to be flexible with schedules and revise the program as needed."

"I'm taking home a wealth of ideas about final negotiations and ways to handle the awkwardness of the goodbyes, definite commitments that I need to fulfill in terms of personal health and family well-being, as well as many ideas including handouts for our church leaders.  Best of all, I am taking home a list of intercessors and companions for this difficult journey."

A Minister from the Northwest