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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As a minister, you have a calling to evangelize, teach, serve your church and community in times of difficulty, stress and crisis.

But what happens when you’re in difficulty, stress or crisis; when you’re struggling with personal or professional crisis? What do you do when you’re involuntarily separated from your church, losing your livelihood, community, home and sense of “call” and direction?

In 1994, a group of ministers who’d gone through these problems and interested lay people joined to form Ministering to Ministers as a non-profit foundation to serve clergy in crisis. MTM was formed to serve ministers in all church groups and their families with counsel, prayer and support in difficult employment-related situations.

MTM provides resources that can help reunite ministers and their congregations with mediation that can help resolve conflicts before they become critical.  MTM also can help prevent such conflicts from arising, by helping to develop church-minister relations and communication in the early stages of ministry. MTM offers spiritual, emotional and physical health support to speed recovery from emotional and spiritual trauma, and helps clergy identify and clarify marketable, transferable work skills and develop plans that can lead to re-employment.

MTM is a non-denominational organization. The Foundation is financed through gifts from individuals, businesses, churches, denominations and foundations and is strengthened by your prayers.

The Ministering to Ministers Story

What can I do?

MTM Staff

James B. Johnson, II, Ed.D.
Executive Director

New MTM Interim Executive Director Jim Johnson was born in Mississippi, raised in West Virginia, with sojourns in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, yet he has called Virginia home for half his life.  His over 25 years in ministry began among young people, then with college students and finally as pastor of churches.  He also worked briefly for the University of Virginia and then the Virginia Department of Health.  Degrees were completed at West Virginia University, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Virginia Commonwealth University and finally a doctorate from the College of William and Mary.  Jim has served on the board of MTM since 2012 and as Board Chair since 2014.


Catherine Ralcewicz
Director of Administration

Cathy was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and moved to Richmond, Virginia, in the late 1980’s with her husband and two children. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Duquesne University. Cathy has worked as an administrative assistant, bookkeeper and office manager at a church in Richmond, Bryant and Stratton College, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, where her duties varied including working in the Food Services Department, Customer Support Department and as an assistant to the Senior Vice-President of the Bank, the Research Department, and with Federal Reserve Information Technology. Her career at MTM began July 1, 2009, and she has faithfully served the MTM mission and ministry, providing a listening ear and reassurance to many ministers and/or their spouses.