Offering C.A.R.E. to Clergy

The Healthy Transitions Wellness Retreats For Ministers and Spouses provide a relaxed atmosphere and confidential setting for healing and encouragement to ministers and their families who have experienced termination, or for those in conflicts possibly leading to termination. Competent and compassionate leaders guide the journey toward wholeness and health through counsel, practical information, sharing, and rest, that speak to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of participants.  The wellness retreats are held periodically throughout the United States, offering the opportunity to renew, refresh, and nurture spirit, mind and body…

Emotional Wellness…

  • Telling Your Story
  • Addressing Grief
  • Increasing Your Self-Awareness
  • Identifying, Understanding, and Managing Your Emotional Responses

Personal Wellness…

  • Thinking in Systems
  • Resolving Disputes
  • Leading by Empowering
  • Understanding Affect Psychology
  • Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

Physical Wellness…

  • Self Care
  • Unstructured Time

Professional Wellness…

  • Responding to Authority

Spiritual Wellness…

  • Devotions
  • Enriching Your Spiritual Self
  • Praying for One Another

Scheduled Wellness Retreats


October 8-11, 2018

Columbia Theological Seminary

Decatur, Georgia

Offered in Partnership With:
The Center for Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary


November 27-30, 2018

Geneva Camp & Retreat Center

Holland, Michigan


  We are developing the 2019 Calendar of Retreats.

Please check back again soon!

 Contact us at for more information and to register.

Non-refundable Registration Fee: $100.00/person, $150/couple

Retreat scholarships are available.